This is the personal website of Djun Kim. I use this for posting all content and material related to my Teaching and Learning activities and Research

I work at UBC as a Skylight Research Associate in the UBC Mathematics department. My research focus is teaching and learning mathematics, particularly in early university levels.

April 2012 Math Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

The UBC Mathematics Department invites all graduate students and Postdoctoral fellows in the department to participate in the next Mathematics ISW, to be held at the end of April. The dates are as follows:

April 24 (afternoon only); April 25, 26, 27 (all day)

Why take an ISW? Taking an ISW will help you be reflective about your own teaching. It will provide a vocabulary for talking about and assessing teaching, as well as practical advice on planning and delivering lessons.

December Math ISW (Dec 3; 5-7)

The UBC Math Department is pleased to announce that the next Math instructional skills workshop (ISW) is open for registration.

All UBC Math graduate students and postdoctoral visitors are warmly invited to participate; the workshop is free of charge to participants.

The Math ISW is a four day intensive workshop in which participants develop and practice their instructional skills in a supportive, peer-based environment. It is open to participants with any level of background and experience in teaching.

Please register here if you are interested in participating. If you would like more information, please contact me via the contact form or send me some email.


Solutions for Assign 2-4, quizzes 2-4 posted.

I didn't get around to announcing this but if you've been paying attention, you'll have seen that solutions for quizzes and assignments up to the most recent one have been posted. Please take the time to read through the solutions carefully. Correcting your mistakes and reflecting on what you've learned is very important in forming your new knowledge.


Study suggestions for Midterm 1

I've posted some notes and review questions for the first midterm here.


Solutions posted for M110 Q01, A01

I've posted solutions for Quiz 01 and Assignment 01; these should be visible in a block on the Course details page and the course outline. The solutions are in the form of PDF files. Please review these carefully.


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